Nutri Yeast Flakes

R 95.88

Nutri Yeast Flakes

R 95.88
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  • Type: Powder

A primary-grown inactive dried yeast produced for its bioavailable nutritive value. An excellent source of non-animal protein with a delicious cheesy umami flavour, providing 50% protein with 44% as amino acids, 27% dietary fibres, 4% minerals, 0.04% B group vitamins.

Dried Inactive Yeast 100% |Lynside®Nutri 125g
Vitamins Per 100g: B1(Thiamine) 30mg | B2(Riboflavin) 4mg | B3(Niacin) 23mg | B5(Pantothenic Acid) 7mg | B6(Pyridoxine) 3mg | B9(Folic Acid) 2600µg | B12(Cobalamin) 0.3µg
Minerals mg/100g : Potassium 2200mg | Phosphorus1500mg | Magnesium 150mg | Calcium 125mg | Zinc 6.5mg | Iron 3.5mg.
Amino acids/100g : provides 43.8mg

SUGGESTED USE: Sprinkle on fries, dips, spreads or as seasoning for salads, vegetables and rice. Always use a dry spoon and after use ensure lid is closed tightly.
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